Bubblefest Berlin 2014

Vienna streets at night

Vienna streets at night

The streets of Vienna

Outside the Albertina, Vienna

Outside the Albertina, Vienna

Outside the Ablertina, Vienna

Hofburg, Vienna.



The plagues boobs.

King whatshisname praying to end the plague.



View from Schönbrun over Vienna

Schönbrun forest

Schönbrun forest

Schönbrun forest

Schönbrun forest

Schönbrun garden, Vienna

Tree wall, Schönbrun, Vienna

Schönbrun, Vienna

Sunset, Vienna


Church off Mariahilfe, Vienna



The apple I ate. For those of you less interested in engaging discussion.

Super good Ethiopian music in Berlin!

Monit and jurg. Awesome!


The Artist’s studio…

Meisen Fotografie

A little lino test…

Yoav owning Berlin

these places just occur in Berlin…



Morning view

IKEA day.


Some large woman on the stairs

Joburg parks, eat your heart out.


Alexander Platz

I love Berlin.


epic sunset in Berlin. Totally filtered but still cool.

At the Jewish museum, Chris decides to sends some emails.

Jewish Museum, Berlin

Nhow, baby!

Spacetech architecture. Nhow hotel.

Oranienburger Strasse

Lela giving us a smile. Shame.

A guided tour of Parliament by an actual MP.


Sitting in German Parliament

Some gals in a window.

My thoughts exactly, Hipster mother fuckers! Complicating something simple and stupid does not make it science! Bewm!

Little ladies. My ones.

spose it makes sense that it’s sideways.

Little boy Jesuzzle.

Berlin classic

View from my kitchen

Gangsta! They see me rollin’

Probably the coolest illustrators around.. good graph mofos

Fredo, the coolest Spätie dude ever!

I love my spätie!

Oddly, it wasn’t full.

Little goose in the grass. With her cute little shoes.

Down some street

At the cemetery..

At the cemetery..


The park again.

The park at night

One of those happy good-times photos.

Berlin today…

My lanterns make me happy. Happy lanterns.

Berlin in the summer.

My fave so far

10 pm. Ten.

A la Lela.

Unfiltered. This is half past 9. Pm. Peee mother*cken emmmm.

Little pretty who comes to visit

Travel beads: on. Berlin here I come.

Bro and Sis.

The last supper

Orange brutality!

Clever device.

Inspire and excrete.

Watching Bye Beneco finally!

Vintage Apple

Felix Laband rocking a piece of shit. Artist makes the tool.

Me mooning on the Spur cameras.

Felix Laband rocking piece of shit. Artist makes the tool.

A pepper’s inner pepper.


A little print experiment.

Sunday arvie

Beer in a milkshake glass! It’s Friday.


I little lino

Nash Equilibrium

Errbody gettin’ high listening to Tidal Waves

DIY Talitha style.

Never never land

Hippies in a van.

The damn in faraways.


Fisting a watermelon


Watermelon brutality

Garden party at Llew’s

Cezanne sucks. I went with the Hudson filter.

The Radium


Anyone remember these?

The park

Sippin’ on gin ‘n’ juice!

Chillin’ at eNews.. soon I’ll be here for a live interview.

Very clear project mind map - Pedro style.

Some randburgness

Happiness in the grass
Southern Pulse Mobi
Lucy being a dork
Lex&Cameron Jozi

Kitchener’s, jozi



Whenever i see kids play I think child labour is a good idea. They have so much energy to build our cars and make our clothes..




© Cameron McAlpine 2012



Sleeping bicycle

Pizza-sized Ferris wheel



snow in Berlin


We do this well


raddest 50s party

Burlesque Berlin


Cathedral. © Cameron McAlpine

Pixies heels. © Cameron McAlpine 2012


Leafy © Cameron McAlpine 2012

Brogue style. © Cameron McAlpine 2012

Prettiness made building

I like this one. © Cameron McAlpine 2012

another design. Getting into this. © Cameron McAlpine 2012.

Shoe design idea. First sketch… © Cameron McAlpine 2012

Shoe design idea. First sketch…

At Cookies, my new favourite Berlin club.

My new favourite after-party place. 2euros, baby!

Whiskey and pickle juice.

A little party.


Christmas carnivals

Katie from Austra wearing our balloon creation.

Floating bottle. Club project.

I do….

I save the world


Berliner Dom

hereHarmony - Inventive endeavors towards a beautiful life for all of mankind

I don’t want a burger. It’ll make me fat. I’ll just dip my chips in a mcflurry.

Basketball Berlin style!

Bladerunner in Berlin

The Flower of Life

A beautiful day in Berlin

The view from my apartment

Watching RSA vs Ireland in an Irish pub in Berlin.


Sweaty coffee

Full moon over Berlin

Old building in Berlin

German Shepard

Patterns from childhood

Lex doing her Michael Jackson impersonation

Heman vintage

Victoria looking grooooovy

Skin doodle

the kittens in their little bedroom office

rock n roll IKEA band

art on a bridge

Bictopia and lex’s shoes


Prettiness in Berlin

Apparently this is calculated design… according to some people I had dinner with… lex…

Ladder leads to nowhere but a bump on the head.

Die antwoord (Taken with Instagram)

Shadowclub before bloc party (Taken with Instagram)

Anthea’a green tongue (Taken with Instagram)

My blue tongue (Taken with Instagram)

Jezmo Montgomery, I say. (Taken with Instagram)

Art, Berlin.

Wannsee, Berlin.

Beach bar looking at Museum Insel, Berlin.

Lex on a Giraffe-horse.

Mucha inspired art in the church in the King’s Garden.

Haunting tomb stone in the King’s Garden, Prague.

Loos in James Dean, Prague.

Jewish quater, Prague.

Art in Prague.

Charle’s Bridge, Prague.

Church off the square, Prague.

Old Town, Prague.

Freud. Hanging from a pole. In Prague.

The Castle, Prague.

More pretty Prague.

the long square in Prague.

Magical Prague.

“the Old Clock that used to mock”… Astrological clock in Old Town Square, Prague.

Streets of Old Town, Prague.

Under the rails…

Die hard. (Taken with Instagram)
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